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The rockery at the dacha

Rocky garden - rockeries, to do somewhat easier than the Alpine slide, and it looks no less elegant and beautiful. To build an orchard and smooth, and on the elevated surface. It is important that the ground was dry. You must first remove the top layer of soil along with the remnants of weeds, and then dig a hole (about 30-40 cm deep) and fill it with gravel.Rockery cottage

Optimal drainage layer of about 10 cm Gravel you need to take small is important. The drainage layer is poured a clean river sand layer of 2 cm, and the soil to the brim of the pit. Well, if the stones for the rockery arrangement you select the same color. Beautiful large boulders put separately, and stones of medium size fold in small groups.Рокарий на даче

To rocky garden looked natural, stacking stones, a little zaglubljaja them.

For songs choose creeping and low-growing plants. For example, would be a great option thyme, iberis, arabis, carnation, Phlox subulate, and so on. They grow very quickly, forming a beautiful coloured mats. The composition as a whole is bright and original. Also look good small conifers and deciduous shrubs, for example, spruce. Juniper, Heather, barberry, and Magnolia. Bulbous plants you can choose to decorate the garden.

Designers recommend to choose hyacinths, daffodils and tulips, and when the period of their flowering comes to an end, let them replace dwarf Phlox, marigolds and other plants that bloom until the fall. It is very important to a of beautiful plants and rock the garden are complete. To do this, to surround rockery finely chopped sprigs or shredded pine bark. Voids that remain after that can be filled with gravel. Professionals always choose these plants for the rocky garden that have different color leaves. In this case, the rockery looks bright throughout the season.