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Unlimited opportunities for creativity in the garden

Дорожка из камня с растениями в садуIf you are the owner of the infield, before you open up unlimited possibilities for its beautiful decoration with your own hands. So, a small suburban area can be decorated with artificial pond, a gazebo, decorative fencing, plants and lighting, making a rockery. Beautifully decorated cottage will contribute to a good mood, a comfortable environment, a pleasant pastime with your family or friends.

Comfortable suburban area, decorated with their own hands, will become for you a real pride and a better investment of funds. For the decoration phase you will not have large material costs. In the design of the infield can be used for unnecessary things, which is a pity to throw out. In any case, you will be provided unlimited opportunities to show their creative abilities. For example, garden paths can be stylish decorative concrete tiles, using silicone molds for baking and inexpensive dyes.Path from stone with plants in the garden

Very nice will look the garden path made of cut trees, river natural stones, red bricks, colored gravel, pebbles or brick chips. In addition, walkways can be decorated with pine cones, small branches, bark, bottles of glass and many others. As flower pots you can use old shoes, tires, carts, bicycles, barrels, broken dishes, boxes, furniture and other unwanted items.Простые идеи для малого сада


A small artificial pond really make from old bathtubs, barrels, or other container that can be filled with water. To make an artificial pond you can stones, colored tiles or figurines of birds or animals. As decorative fencing used hedge of dwarf trees, decorative flower pots or bowls, plastic plates of various shapes. Your yard will be bright, original and beautiful, if you place flower beds, garden borders, or partners of the Rabat. On the site you can create any flower arrangement and sculptures.